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For domestic customers we provide support on a "per incident" basis. Should you encounter computer problems (hardware or software) we can send an engineer who will promptly resolve any issues at your premises. In most cases the engineer can attend the same day depending on exact location.

The cost is £65 per incident, plus supply of components or software if required, provided we can attend during the day. If an evening or weekend visit is required the cost is £85 per incident plus supply of components or software if required. There is also a travel premium to pay if you are located further than 10 miles from our office in Ely.

For further details please contact Ely Web Solutions on 01223 926187 (mobile 07772 856004)

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Ely Web Solutions understand the specific requirements of smaller companies, to address these issues Ely Web Solutions have devised an all encompassing support solution specifically tailored for your business. Ely Web Solutions can take care of all your IT requirements: