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P.C. Support Overview

[Thumbnail image: Man doing computer repairs]Ely Web Solutions offer the widest possible range of computer assistance geared to both the home user and small businesses who rely on computer systems and applications to meet critical business demands.

We offer a complete computer support service specialising in computer repairs, computer maintenance, software support and computer networking.

Ely Web Solutions can fill the position of the computer technical staff you can't afford to have around 24/7. From small computer repairs and updates to the more complicated small business computer networks and synchronisation of your whole system, whether it's 'in-house' or 'out of house' needs to establish connections with the workers, information and the world through computer applications in the office or on the Internet, to bringing more business to your door, and making that business run more smoothly and efficiently Ely Web Solutions understand and can fulfill your requirements.

Ely Web Solutions can take care of all your IT requirements.

P.C. Support Contents

Ely Web Solutions understand the specific requirements of smaller companies, to address these issues Ely Web Solutions have devised an all encompassing support solution specifically tailored for your business. Ely Web Solutions can take care of all your IT requirements: