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[Thumbnail image: Direct Access Supplies]If your website is a few years old and is looking slightly outdated why not consider refreshing the design with a makeover? Its amazing how a small change in layout or colour scheme can give the site a whole new look and feel. Also remember that 'content is king' so be sure to update your text and keep the content fresh.

A makeover ranges from a small 'freshen up' to adding extra functionality such as a clients area, online catalogue or newsletter system. There is so much more to be gained from your site if it's full potential is recogonised.

Improve Client Focus: The existing website does not produce results. In these cases, the existing website focused on the company's greatness and generally ignored the client's problems. This format causes the visitor to quickly lose interest in the website and click away.

Enhance Design: The existing website does not support business objectives. The website may look attractive and even get good traffic, but it does not convert visitors to clients. The website does not hit client hot buttons and does not facilitate the client to take an action (buy product, complete inquiry form, etc.)

Improve Search Engine Performance: The existing website cannot be found in the search engines. In today's very competitive search engine environment, a website must frequently be designed from the ground up to score well in the search engines. We do have techniques for improving search engine performance without dramatic changes to the existing website.

Freshen-up the Look: The existing website looks boring. The colors are dark or drab. There are no rollovers and few or poor quality photos. The text may be on a dark or textured background that is hard to read. We can usually gives these types of sites a quick visual makeover in just a few weeks.

Ely Web Solutions can discuss your website makeover requirements and make suggestions to you on what is the best solution for you and your company. Just call us to talk on 01353 698664 or email at

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The Old Bakery Guest House
Joyce Grimes wrote - Thanks to your excellent work, I have had world-wide exposure resulting in bookings from USA, Mexico, France, Australia, S. Africa, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Holland as well as the British Isles. Not bad for 1 year!
I have appreciated the speedy after sales service and maintenance of the site. Keep up the good work!