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[Thumbnail image: Omni Nutraceuticals: Bespoke Ecommerce Website]Ecommerce is an increasingly important aspect of any business and if you currently offer sales by post, telephone or fax you may be missing out on potential sales from the ever increasing number of online shoppers. Don't be put off by assuming that an ecommerce solution is out of the financial reach of your business, Ely Web Solutions offer competitive packages to meet all budget's (big & small) and needs.

30 million people in the the United Kingdom currently use the internet, thats 64% of the population, and over a third of these regularly shop online. In the twelve months from July 2002, £8.8 billion was spent online in the UK alone.

An ecommerce solution is no longer only a luxury for larger companies. Many smaller niche market's have introduced online shopping facilities,which has greatly benefited the companies by increased sales and allowed for a global reach of their company and products than they ever imagined possible.

Ely Web Solutions will work with your company to find the solution that best fits your company's needs whether you have 1 or 100 products to sell. We are with you all the way and you can be sure that the solution we offer is unique for you only.

Omni Nutraceuticals is a local company that approached Ely Web Solutions to rebrand their company website. After a lengthy appraisal of Omni Nutraceuticals needs we designed and developed the website with a fully functional shopping cart that has resulted in increased sales and ease of use for the end user. To see this site in action why not pay Omni Nutraceutical's a visit.

Ely Web Solutions is happy to discuss any questions you may have. Just call us to talk on 01353 698664 or email at

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Omni Nutraceuticals
Tony Chandler wrote - Ely Web Solutions planned and designed our site as the initial step towards a phased development of the site. The process was well organised and executed and the web site design and easy navigation has already drawn good feedback from customers. OMNI now plan to develop the site further.